In third grade, my Dad convinced me to dress as Ronald Reagan for historical persona presentations. The other girls in my class were dressing as Amelia Earhart and Betsy Ross. Meanwhile, I rehearsed my speech several times the night before in oversized boots and of course, a cowboy hat. My Dad stressed the importance of nailing the closer: "Thank You and God Bless America."

Since then, those closing lines by the President have never failed to give me goosebumps. Perhaps it is the weight of the battlefields my parents dragged me to throughout my summers spent on the east coast or maybe it is innate feeling of gratitude for the freedom I am afforded as an American.

After graduating from the University of Richmond, I had the privilege of working for two Republican Congressmen on Capitol Hill. While both members were part of the GOP, these two men had very different viewpoints on everything from healthcare to climate change that were both accepted within their own party. At times, it was difficult to see how they could exist on the same side.

However, it was in working for both men, that it became evident why the Republican party was able to offer such diverse opinions. The diversity of thought within the Republican party is what makes it an exceptional place to be a woman.

I'm writing this blog to showcase how at the heart of politics are policies that change the lives of the American people. Particularly, the lives of women. 

We know that the political rhetoric in 2017 has been too harsh, too severe, too divisive...What we need to see is that there are endless opportunities for growth, learning, and understanding. 

I hope this blog can be the start.

Welcome to the Elephant in the Room.